Suicide Bridge ✔

Suicide Bridge ✔

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Jer-Beaar By Jer-Beaar Completed


He gets all the girls.
She gets no guys.
He loves to party. 
She's never been to a party. 
He drinks. 
She drinks water. 

It seems like they have nothing in common but they do. A lot more then they think.

  • abuse
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  • cutting
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  • depression
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  • nothingalike
  • outcast
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  • self-harm
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yoItzMoonPelt yoItzMoonPelt Nov 12, 2017
I’m in the middle I’m not an outcast but I’m not popular
IBrokeABlender IBrokeABlender May 14, 2017
It would probably set the mood better if it was "She drinks her own tears." but le shrug
hoekeery- hoekeery- Dec 24, 2017
guys i think it means she starved herself bc you can drink water to distract your hunger or sum shît
mactinusislife mactinusislife Nov 06, 2017
It is hell my my school is more high then school if you know what I mean
_solivagant _solivagant Aug 15, 2017
He drinks alcohol?* 
                              Sorry idk what im doing, it's like 12:34am rn😂
_EvanHansen_ _EvanHansen_ Dec 16, 2017
I always call school hell it's because I know people judge me silently I even here people talking about me a lunch I mean its not my fault I'm not a Disney princess who wears a lot of make up its not my fault I like some what type of rock music