Growing Up Blind (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

Growing Up Blind (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

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Voltron Trash Af By KeithenHeathen Updated May 21, 2016

Dipper is, quite simply, not a normal child. He was raised by a demon with the help of other demons. He has never seen another human in his life, as far as he remembers. 

Mabel Pines, having grown up an only child, or so she thought, was completely content with life. She had friends, good grades, glitter... She could go on. Her life was great. Until, one day before summer began, she met a very strange boy at the edge of the woods..


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It's surprise adoption like most fangirls do with their Characters.
This story is so cute because a cinnamon roll and a pine tree.
NooseString NooseString May 01
This is why I prefer reading fics about things I know about but not very invested in. Usually I get mad when people change the story's I really like so with things like this know what the original is but I can just enjoy it for what it is
Human clothing? What does he wear in the Nightmare Realm? Junketsu and Senketsu?
W-w-what i-i-i-i-is
                              I-it m-m-m-might b-be
MoonWolf2002 MoonWolf2002 Jul 29, 2016
                              The real question was why Dipper was in the woods in the first place.