Growing Up Blind (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

Growing Up Blind (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [COMPLETED]

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Voltron Trash Af By KeithenHeathen Updated May 21, 2016

Dipper is, quite simply, not a normal child. He was raised by a demon with the help of other demons. He has never seen another human in his life, as far as he remembers. 

Mabel Pines, having grown up an only child, or so she thought, was completely content with life. She had friends, good grades, glitter... She could go on. Her life was great. Until, one day before summer began, she met a very strange boy at the edge of the woods..


IrishGoth IrishGoth Aug 04, 2016
OK.... I don't like correcting people, but Dipper's birthmark is actually the big dipper.... 
                              Witch makes up the but & tail of Ursa major
GasterBlasterSans GasterBlasterSans Jul 26, 2016
*ded of laughter*
                              Someone call a hospital
W-w-what i-i-i-i-is
                              I-it m-m-m-might b-be
GalexyXD23 GalexyXD23 Dec 18, 2016
OK I'm comfused, are they in there human forms or in there shape forms?
Nicole__Williamson Nicole__Williamson Nov 17, 2016
                              Its a human
                              Its a demon
                              Billdip fans
                              Its a sad sad day to be alive when there is no reason other than Billdip and that's run dry
                              Idk that got super sad
FallerWhovianOncer FallerWhovianOncer Dec 11, 2016
Okay... it could still Rose Tyler right? Or maybe it's my sister Rose. It would explain a lot..