Lost and Found [Bill x Reader x Dipper]

Lost and Found [Bill x Reader x Dipper]

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(Y/n) is a young girl. She had a pretty normal life other than her alcoholic father and mother who is never at home, but when she is abandoned on a family camping trip everything changes for the better...or so she thought.

-I'm sorry about all the grammatical errors, I wrote this back in like sixth grade and I don't want to go back through to fix it.

(This is old and cringy, I'm too lazy to go back and fix the mistakes.)

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I know a 20 year old who has more stuffed animals than me and i’m 12
This is so random but the song You, I and steve is stuck in my head
It seems as if the mom didn't want to abandon us, but the dad forced her too.
Okay I think I should read this story 2 years later 
                              So, I'm gonna have enough time to get moose
                              But now I have a doggy, can I take my doggy?
Langr01 Langr01 May 13
Always hoodies hhhhhhh Imma pretend wearing vest and suspenders
I feel like he's gonna make me pack my stuff and then he's going to leave me in gravity falls and then imma meet Stan and every one, and he's gonna be home with my mom shedding fake tears