Lost and Found [Bill x Reader x Dipper]

Lost and Found [Bill x Reader x Dipper]

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Bill Cipher By iHatePeopleEXE Updated Jul 26

(Y/n) is a young girl. She had a pretty normal life other than her alcoholic father and mother who is never at home, but when she is abandoned on a family camping trip everything changes for the better...or so she thought.

-I'm sorry about all the grammatical errors, I wrote this back in like sixth grade and I don't want to go back through to fix it.

(I hate this so much)

Ya i still sleep with a REALLY ratty teddy bear i named bearinna, a really slim dog thingy,a baby sized rag doll and sooo much more at the age of 13 i dont think its weird at all
I sleep with a stuffed cow named miss moo and a blanket named mimi
Me sleeps with stuffed dog, at the moment laying in bed (supposed to be asleep) hugging that stuffed dog reading fanfic
shazibug shazibug Jun 21
I have a feeling , like everyone else, that I'm going to be abandoned ;-;
Everyone's just talking about (Y/N)'s parents leaving her there while I'm just here like "You looked back at you smiling? Dafuq?????"
Ok huney see you soon translates to i love you i will miss you good 👋