Behind The Uniform (RoyEd)

Behind The Uniform (RoyEd)

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"What?! The stupid mission requires me to wear the uniform?!"

"Yes Fullmetal. You'll blow our cover if you don't."

"And I'm being sent with you?!"

"Yes Fullmetal."

Edward Elric had been assigned on a mission. An undercover one. Him and Roy Mustang, Ed's superior, were assigned to go on the mission together. What they were supposed to do? Go to a party for soldiers, and Ed was supposed be Roy's 'girlfriend'  
Nothing could go wrong right..? 

Falling in love wasn't apart of the plan. Right.....?

My reaction in real life
                              What the hell!!
                              Are you trying to get murdered by full metal?
Juliebean_ Juliebean_ Feb 20
Oh, Ed. You won't be saying that for long. Next thing you know, you'll probably be making out with Roy😂😂
                              Roy: Ed nu pls!
                              Alphonse(Aka Applesauce as my brain reads it): Ed wait for meee!
Roy i luh you fam and i know you love Ed... But are you trying to get yourself Killed!?! thats a great way to get shot right there!
When I read 'Congratulations Fullmetal. Your my new lover' I think 2 things 
                              That it's 'youre' not 'your'
                              And 2!
                              That Roy sounds really god damn confident or stuck up to say the least
Nice way of just throwing it out there Roy, but do you really think it's the best idea to confess to Ed early in the morning?