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Mustang's Mind Games (RoyEd) by MayaMist
Mustang's Mind Games (RoyEd)by Maya Mist💞
Ed just doesn't understand Roy Mustang. He plays mind games with Ed. And Ed has had enough. One minute, Ed and Roy are fighting. The next, Roy is making a remark, and ca...
The Love We Had (Royed) by Lilchibi13
The Love We Had (Royed)by AJ
The Flame Alchemist starts to have doubts in his relationship with Edward despite how long they've been together and calls it quits between them suddenly one day confusi...
Yes, for the love! (RoyxEd) by Boora137
Yes, for the love! (RoyxEd)by Boora137
So, this is some RoyxEd fanfiction. It has 15 chapters. Hope you like it. For more leave a vote. And yeah,..... enjoy! - Boora- chan
To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/Omega dynamic) by HeartOfFullmetal
To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/ J
A oneshot I made. (That is actually going to be a story now so yeah XD) Ed is in heat and Roy ends up walking un on him. Roy, who is an alpha, is tempted by Ed, who is a...
roy x ed by WeirdGremlin
roy x edby keira kogane
not everyone is as they seem all credit goes to the creators, animators, and writers of Fullmetal alchemist.
Just Believe Me by HeartOfFullmetal
Just Believe Meby J
When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his lif...
Pills and Buttons by Goldeneyed-Alchemist
Pills and Buttonsby Edward Elric
Edward has been missing for the last five years, not a trace of him left. Roy has been on end all this time, hoping he would be found among the several hundred thousands...
RoyEd~Soulmate by Michykitty05
RoyEd~Soulmateby Michykitty05
Legend says, when you finally meet your soul mate, you can finally see the world in color... Until then, you shall see the world as monotonous... Almost 50 years ago, t...
Love Can Be A Crime (Cop!Roy X Criminal!Ed) by MayaMist
Love Can Be A Crime (Cop!Roy X Maya Mist💞
Roy Mustang is a cop for the town of Amestris. He is given a case, and the ties it has to a certain someone catches his attention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edward Elric, is a cr...
Double Majoring (RoyEd College AU) by Vaughanie
Double Majoring (RoyEd College AU)by Vaughanie
"I know what I want- I know what I fucking want! And... it doesn't matter that I don't have the time for anyone else- I don't want to settle for anyone else! Not ev...
RoyEd ~One-Shots! by KurikaraChan
RoyEd ~One-Shots!by KurikaraChan
Just a collection of one-shots I made for this adorable pairing.
Lying To Protect You (RoyEd) by MayaMist
Lying To Protect You (RoyEd)by Maya Mist💞
Lately in Central Command, no one has been safe. An alchemist has been running around, targeting other State Alchemist's. Edward Elric, is next on his list. And Roy Must...
Ships or dip?? by FanGirlShipperxD
Ships or dip??by FanGirlShipperxD
So I'm just telling you my favourite ships and telling you why and how much I like the ship also if you want comment ships you like And I'll give my thoughts on them
A Very RoyEd Halloween by Michykitty05
A Very RoyEd Halloweenby Michykitty05
Year: 2016 I'm starting something new. Every year, when it's October/Halloween time, I'll do various ships, with the title: A Very, " " Halloween. This year, i...
Code Name: Fullmetal Flame by CodeNameRoyEd
Code Name: Fullmetal Flameby MayaMist
Edward Elric, a short tempered blond who goes by the code name Fullmetal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roy Mustang, a tall cool and collected raven haired male, w...
What Can I Tell You? (RoyEd)  by MayaMist
What Can I Tell You? (RoyEd) by Maya Mist💞
What do you do when someone close to you only has two months left to live? What do you say to someone who doesn't have much time left? What do you do when you find yours...
Help Me Hide (Royed) by RoyEdOverdose
Help Me Hide (Royed)by slut 4 royed
Upon hearing the distant blaring cries of the phone downstairs, Roy's dream faded into nothingness, and moments later he opened his opal eyes. He surveyed his surroundin...