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Edward Does Love by SillySammy1234
Edward Does Loveby SillySammy1234
Rachel is grounded. She sneaks downstairs every night, or more precisely, every morning to watch her favorite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. One day, her laptop sucks her i...
The Water Alchemist by StarryClosure
The Water Alchemistby StarryClosure
When a teenage girl falls from the sky engulfed in a red glow, a certain state alchemist and his brother set out to investigate. Marina finds herself in a foreign land w...
Fullmetal Vampire by RachelRose123
Fullmetal Vampireby Catlove3131
~Rewrite and edit of this story is called Misery Looms.~ Mysterious murders had plagued Central for a couple of weeks and the military doesn't know who was killing peopl...
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric X Reader} by forever_content
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric...by alex
(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her coul...
Soldier Keep On Marching On by Minecraftian1213
Soldier Keep On Marching Onby Simp
We've all read the stories about a teenager falling into a fictional world. So let's do it again with an adult who's lost it all. Aiden Wilson, mother of two, is taken b...
Myths, Magic, and Alchemy by Silverdam
Myths, Magic, and Alchemyby SummerBreeze
Edward Elric is given a new mission; to teach alchemy at a magic school. At the same time, Chiron gives Percy, Thalia, and Nico a new quest; to go back in time and prote...
Edward x Envy (A Full Story) by avalovesenvy
Edward x Envy (A Full Story)by ava
This fic is about Ed and Envy coming together romantically because their differences, with a bit of problems along the way. They will eventually find their love with al...
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reade...by ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
The Frost Alchemist by TwotheStarsandBack
The Frost Alchemistby TwotheStarsandBack
Levy's life was never ordinary. From the time that she was seven to when she was eleven she raised her younger sister, that is until her sister dies. Overly grieved by h...
Fullmetal alchemist x reader by vampire2468
Fullmetal alchemist x readerby vampire2468
You are state alchemist and daughter of the Hughes family. After meeting Ed and Alphonse Elric, things started to change for you. Ed and Al keep on calling you "Yui...
My Past (Alphonse X reader) by Clau849
My Past (Alphonse X reader)by Clau849
My past is my worst enemy. I will learn to forget, someone will save me, it's not like I haven't been saved before. Run again, hide again, feel the pain again. Why do th...
[Slow updates] The Mind's Eye Alchemist (Edward x Reader) by DoloresMika
[Slow updates] The Mind's Eye Alch...by Dolores Mika
You are a state alchemist, with unknown powers, and a dark past. You've always been surrounded by death and hatred, but a few people walk into your life with something e...
Fullmetal alchemist fanfics that are awesome and you should go read them! by jellyforever23
Fullmetal alchemist fanfics that a...by jellyforever23
Fanfics that I've found here and there. I will leave a Summary and review for each. I honestly just made this for myself, so if I want to go back and read any of these f...
Fixing Broken Metal (RoyEd) by MayaMist
Fixing Broken Metal (RoyEd)by Maya Mist💞
Edward, Sergeant Brosh and Lieutenant Ross are all captured. When Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Hawkeye, Al and Roy go to save them, Ed is badly hurt. Mentally and physica...
The Sick Alchemist- A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction by TheFlameAlchemist13
The Sick Alchemist- A Fullmetal Al...by TheFlameAlchemist13
Roy Mustang had many questions. But no question was as unexplainable to as why he was stuck babysitting a sick Alchemist. Nobody asked if he was okay with it, they just...
Saving Broken Metal (Sequel to Fixing Broken Metal) by MayaMist
Saving Broken Metal (Sequel to Fix...by Maya Mist💞
After his failed attempt at harming Ed, the Lightning Alchemist is annoyed. So, he decides to do something new. Meanwhile, Roy and Ed are in a bit of a puzzle when a new...
'Calming Anxiety' [Envy x Reader x Edward (Under Revisions)] by Tytroik
'Calming Anxiety' [Envy x Reader x...by Ty
Many different flowers are said to calm people's anxiety, but just how effective are these flowers. Can they even calm down the turmoil of the soul? And if they can, can...
Cold Envy [Envy x Reader] by volkirisa
Cold Envy [Envy x Reader]by lol hope
After years of training, you finally become a state alchemist. Then, on a whim, you start helping the Elric brothers, hoping you would also get some answers. But you mee...
Lying To Protect You (RoyEd) by MayaMist
Lying To Protect You (RoyEd)by Maya Mist💞
Lately in Central Command, no one has been safe. An alchemist has been running around, targeting other State Alchemist's. Edward Elric, is next on his list. And Roy Must...
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