But She's Black (BWWM)

But She's Black (BWWM)

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Issa Writer💁🏽 By PoeeticJustice Completed

The first time Travis ever laid eyes on Aaliyah he fell in love with her smooth chocolate skin and her gorgeous smile .

 He's determined to do whatever it takes to get her but there's just one problem .....

She's black .

And Travis family and friends don't like black people .

They turn their noses up at them .

Aaliyah's from the slum , a broke black girl who's fatherless with a struggling mother .

While Travis lives in a rich neighborhood and is wealthy . His mother's a lawyer and his father's a doctor .

Between Aaliyah being black and Travis family not approving of  them being together it's tough .

They think Aaliyah is no good and only want him for his money .

Will Travis let them get in his head ?
Will Aaliyah get tired and give up ?

Read to find out !

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Ma can we go to McDonald's 
                              Black mom-  u got McDonald's money!?
DEAD this is exactly what girls will do when a guy with no style comes up I’m cryinnn
I know you're rich but your 17 and has a black card let's be Friends 😊😏🙋
Yes white girls just like sardines and salad while we like fried chicken and greens corn bread black eye peas
She scanned his clothes and by looking at it she knows he has money and she doesn't plus he's white  
                              So she's probably sayings it won't work between them....
bezoness bezoness Feb 07
I don't get time for these hoes speaking on my name like I'm someone that they know