Billionaire playboy's secret past. #wattys2016

Billionaire playboy's secret past. #wattys2016

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Life is about love, heartbreak, adversity and overcoming them all with sheer determination. 
Maya is an 18 year old girl trying to live a normal life in a war torn country. 

She catches the eye of an Army man (Knox) who's on his last tour of duty. When sexual sparks start to fly between them, some unsavoury characters notice and they put Maya's life in danger. Knox is forced to choose in an instant to stand for duty or a girl he's beginning to like, thereby starting his own war. Knox is relieved of his duties and leaves a heartbroken Maya with a present that constantly reminds her of her real first love. She doesn't know where Knox is, except he is an American soldier. 

Life takes an awful turn that sees Maya and her family in a Refugee Camp in Kenya. Conditions in a refugee camp are terrible and not at all what she expected. The camp doesn't seem to offer any protection except to harbour some criminals.

In the meantime, Knox returns to America and he leaves the army. He returns to help run his family's multi-billion dollar businesses. He has no clue what happened to Maya or where she is. Maya has no clue where Knox is or that he has the means to get her out of her current situation. 

She works hard, she's determined and she survives all that life is throwing her way. She grows as an independent, confident woman and mother. Her luck turns around when her family is accepted as refugees in America. 
Will she look for Knox? How will they meet? What will happen to their child?
Read and enjoy the journey Maya is carving for herself and her family to freedom and happiness. 

Maya's journey to happiness starts here.

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a3domino a3domino Apr 17, 2017
Stuff like this makes me realize how good I have it and I need to appreciate what i have
philstongue philstongue Feb 22, 2016
I love your description of what is happening. I can definitely picture the scenes as you describe them. Great plot! It really drew me in!
karema20 karema20 Mar 25, 2016
How ironic would it be if a lion came and ate you both at that moment. Dwl
black_white2001 black_white2001 Apr 15, 2016
Thank you so much. I love your comments. I promise you, the book will get hard and then good. Keep reading and enjoy.
IanKRose IanKRose Feb 19, 2016
Woah right into a deep background story love it love it I want to see where this one is heading.
EliesaL EliesaL Apr 15, 2016
Love this. I live in Australia and overseas visitors are always scared about spiders, snakes etc.