Dragon egg

Dragon egg

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Sara Grace By SaraGraceM Completed

The dragons were thought to have died out. All the dragon riders were dead. It is said that dragons aren't real. Only two people remain that knew about the dragons. They keep it A close guarded secret until one day on a very, very special day. Secrets are revealed and one young child shall start her destiny. 

 A prophesy rises 

"Two queens will rise together and the new age will start, a species that has been dead for years never died completely. Two will rise and change everything."

  • adventure
  • dragon
  • fantasy
  • myth
  • queen
  • souldmates
JosiahSage JosiahSage Oct 13, 2017
bigger cliff hanger than my dad leaves!
                              and that is saying some thing if u have read my dads books and my dad is B_L_A_Z_E
EditYan EditYan May 08, 2017
Great story really loved it! It would be amazing if anyone could please check out my stories as well ! 🤗
- - Jul 04, 2017
Lol imagine if the apple hit the king on the face instead?
                              *crown falls off*
                              THE KING IS MINE, PAPA
thequeencorkie thequeencorkie Aug 30, 2016
alright nerd, looks like you did it. 2k readers. nice job. 
                              (for those of you who think im insulting her, shes my best friend.
SaraGraceM SaraGraceM Sep 26, 2016
                              The Dragon was The queen. She knows about the prophesy.
AbisolaAbina AbisolaAbina Nov 06, 2016
Sorry @SaraGraceM are you spelling prophecy different on purpose