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Abused Mate

Abused Mate

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Claire By fizzydinosaurs Updated Jan 01, 2012

            "Clean this shit up!" My oh-so-great father said before kicking me in my stomach. That's gonna leave a mark. He pushed me and I landed with a thud. He left to go to his room. I started to clean his mess which contain broken glass and tons of my blood. After I finished I walked --or should I say crawl-- up the stairs. I entered my room and went straight to the bathroom to clean my bruises, scratch marks, and other stuff. I stood up and looked at my room. My room has a twin sized bed, a table next to the bed, and a drawer full of clothes. I changed to my Pj's and tried to fall asleep. Key word: Tried. Soon darkness consumed me.

             I was woken up by the sunlight and the birds chirping. I heard my father snoring next to my room. I started to get ready for school. I showered and dressed. My outfit just consist of black V-neck T-shirted tucked in, a black skinny jeans, and a belt. I grabbed my converse and grabbed my bag. I cooked my father his breakfast so he wouldn...

megmcc2003 megmcc2003 May 09
I get you. It's like he's not a bad guy but he's human and has some problems that he needs to work on.
bookgirl113 bookgirl113 Mar 05, 2016
Yes, and SHE'S the whore. The only difference between you, Ashley, and her, is that you use better protection. Oh, and the fact that she was ràped!
FashionWolf658 FashionWolf658 Jun 05, 2016
Oh no!!! I'm the biggest slut!!!!! Why do we have to have the same name???
kaitlynkat4056 kaitlynkat4056 Jan 15, 2016
That slut should shut up, she'll be then next nineteen kids and counting, in two months.
nightfallmoon nightfallmoon Nov 27, 2015
                              WHOEVER SAID I GAVE A SHVT BOUT YOU?
                              YOU NEVER SHARE YOUR TOYS OR COMMUNICATE 
                              I GUESS IM JUST A PLAYDATE TO YOU 
                              (Melanie Martinez, Play date)
740eastcoast 740eastcoast Nov 03, 2015
Wow, so he's a man slut, okay, okay, I'm going to get so much hate for this comment