Canibals   (Tsukiyama  X Reader)

Canibals (Tsukiyama X Reader)

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Sad life= no life By aristicat Updated 4 days ago

(Y/n) never liked anything, but coffee and she always ate whatever  was in front of her because she didn't really care. But when the gormet ghoul Tsukiyama Shuu kidnaps her she finds a food she does like, human meat, but she isn't a ghoul and canabalism is highly frowned upon in the world, but Tsukiyama finds canabalism highly intriguing and wants to try it for himself, but he finds that ghoul tastes bitter, but he'll eat them anyway to be just like his little toy.

HauntedTheFreakxp HauntedTheFreakxp Nov 24, 2016
My nickname (Haunted)  means torment and my real name means bitter
                              Well then
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Aug 04, 2016
So that's how he stays so fit. If you laugh all day technically you will form abs or at least loose a few pounds or whatever. But your stomach will be sore....So...
professor-potato professor-potato Dec 06, 2016
Omg, years of french pay off just so I can understand this little piece of s**t
Ali_Sama Ali_Sama Jul 21, 2016
Tsukiyama - you can't shove my up your asś - I think that's what your version of "toys" are.
Owllover1122 Owllover1122 Aug 12, 2016
Mine is unfortunate and/or ill fated in French... WELL WHAT ARE YA GONNA DO! XD
_Yaoi_Everywhere_ _Yaoi_Everywhere_ Sep 20, 2016
Imma go with my OCs name since mine is boring so Leevana Corté it is