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Edgy potato By sinfulpotato Updated Nov 04, 2016

Facade- An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.

This girl really is going to be the death of me.

We stay like that for a while longer, complete.  I start to pick her up when she wraps her legs around my waist and I press her against the door. I become self aware when I hear myself purr from the back of my throat, that makes me realize how long we really have been in here. 

 I quickly put her down and brake the ever so heated kiss. What is this girl doing to me?   

"That will do for now Princess." I say whispering against her lips as I tuck a strand of hair over her ear. I open the door and saunter out of the closet,  Mari close behind.

As I push the door that leads into the bakery I make sure to hold it for her. She can't meet my eyes.

Then her father turns to us, with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry that took so long, the door was locked and I couldn't find the key, had to go upstairs to look for it." she lies flawlessly. I would be impressed if I weren't worried how she became so good.

Her father nods understanding his daughters well thought out lie. He then turns to me and smiles, "Ah Chat Noir, here are the Macaroons I promised you for looking over my little girl." he says with a big smile handing me a small box filled with the little cookies. 

Oh if he only knew what I just did to his little girl in the closet he wouldn't be so happy with me.

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When Enrique told Liza the same thing in the movie 'the bet'
                              STUPID CAT.
- - Nov 28, 2016
I'm so pretty and so witty I'm so PRETTY and WITTY and IIIIIIIIII
- - Nov 28, 2016
Sha la la la la la DYNAMITE don't be shy you gotta kiss da girl
SinLuver_101 SinLuver_101 Nov 27, 2016
Yea yourl can only say that to ur lady, well she is ur lady so keep going.  ...
danii-phantom danii-phantom Aug 30, 2016
Lmfao..... I always..... Use this with my friends.... Cx