When We Kiss {MariChat Fan-Fic}

When We Kiss {MariChat Fan-Fic}

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"I'm sure he's just running late, Marinette. No need to worry!" Tikki said. "Yeah, you're right," I said. 
  I heard my phone ding. I took it out...Chole? "Since when does she text you?" Tikki said. I shrugged and opened the text. My heart collapsed, it was a picture of Adrien with her. "Oh, Marinette..." Tikki cried. I ran out of Ayla's house. I heard her call me, but I was too heartbroken to care. I can't believe Adrien's with Chloe.
  Ayla and Nino are dating! In honor of this, Ayla decides to throw a party. That's all under the cover to try to get her bestie Marinette with Adrien. But Adrien doesn't show up. To make matters worse Chloe sends a picture of her hanging out with Adrien.

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Oh damn you Chloe!!!!!
                              But wait, it could be photoshopped 
                              But if it isn't.......
The red and black striped sweater reminds me of Dennis and Gnasher, anyone else??
meena2020 meena2020 Sep 21
                              You just called your father an 'old man'
Alya is suspicious and Mari makes an excuse that would be believable and she just says "Ok" like wow you're a great friend
I would NEVER call my dad that or I would literally disappear from the face of earth...
                              IS ALL THE TIME~
                              I'm sorry...