When We Kiss {MariChat Fan-Fic}

When We Kiss {MariChat Fan-Fic}

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"I'm sure he's just running late, Marinette. No need to worry!" Tikki said. "Yeah, you're right," I said. 
  I heard my phone ding. I took it out...Chole? "Since when does she text you?" Tikki said. I shrugged and opened the text. My heart collapsed, it was a picture of Adrien with her. "Oh, Marinette..." Tikki cried. I ran out of Ayla's house. I heard her call me, but I was too heartbroken to care. I can't believe Adrien's with Chloe.
  Ayla and Nino are dating! In honor of this, Ayla decides to throw a party. That's all under the cover to try to get her bestie Marinette with Adrien. But Adrien doesn't show up. To make matters worse Chloe sends a picture of her hanging out with Adrien.

  DISCLAIMER: These characters don't belong to me, they belong to Zagtoon™  Art on the cover doesn't belong to me.

Cover made by: @_bloopitybloop 
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WildCatTeeVee WildCatTeeVee Dec 28, 2017
Why do I see daydreams as fanfictions that you think of during the day
FluffyMarshmellos FluffyMarshmellos Dec 21, 2017
Why is she so upset? It's not like Adrien promised to be there are be with her! She still could have a fun time at the party. Sheesh. Msorry, I don't mean to be negative.. keep writing!
Ok, so I know he's dressing differently but I'm still gonna picture him wearing his normal clothes
WildCatTeeVee WildCatTeeVee Dec 28, 2017
Alya: What other stuff?
                              Marinette: Oh I don’t know maybe saving you, Paris, me from chats puns?!
rockyrose20 rockyrose20 Feb 05
That makes it sound as if she’s not talking about marionette it makes it sound as if she’s talking about another Mari
rockyrose20 rockyrose20 Feb 05
Again, saying it like that sounds like you’re talking about someone else, try saying “Soon everybody will be under the control of me!”