Marichat (Completed)

Marichat (Completed)

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Wolf And Rouge Cur By TheWolfAndTheHeart Completed

Marinette was working on her Ladybug Couture fashion line, minding her own buisness. That's when she heard a crash. "Woah! What just happened!?" She went to the source of the sound to find a Chat Noir in a downward facing 'cat' pose.

"Hello, Princess. Nice landing?" He laughed nervously at the chaos he caused. Marinette looked up to find a window broken. "Chat! What did you do again!?" She asked angrily. "Well, didn't you know there was an Akuma attack?" He asked shocked.

Marinette felt pure shock that she let herself be caught up so much in her thoughts that she missed an Akuma attack. "You need to go back up to your room. I don't want you to get hurt." Worry was etched in Chat's features.

Hey guys! It's Rouge Cur here! This was made before Wolf finds out about this account so keep it a secret for me! Hope you enjoy! This is my first Marichat book! Enjoy!

Er Meh Ferdinand marki was soooooo HAWT in it!! #justsayinheissupercute 
                              Mark wallburg I just watched his newest movie, deep water horizon and dang he is ahwt
LoganWildBorn LoganWildBorn Dec 04, 2016
It's totally the red head. It's always the red head :) (Please don't take offense to that red heads)
ChibiAnimeChick ChibiAnimeChick Oct 12, 2016
J'aime MariChat...c'est l'une de mes préférées des navires jamais !!
Maxi-T Maxi-T Nov 23, 2016
I DON'T KNOW I WONDER WHAT HMMMMMMMMMM????? **pointedly looks at Chat for being so oblivious to everything**
Snowflake756 Snowflake756 5 days ago
*Goes over* stop being creepy Nathaniel *hits him over the head* you are not ruining Marichat
ChineseDragon101 ChineseDragon101 Oct 21, 2016
String: *String Magically Gets Out Of Needle*
                              Marinette: F***!
                              Me: Ya know, I can just imagine Marinette being able to make a sailor blush