Manan- Love story of a Slave

Manan- Love story of a Slave

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Dishanilastig By Dishanilastig Updated Jul 27, 2017

Nandini Moorthy is a 17 year old girl who has lost her family in a car accident except her little brother Rishabh when she was only 14. Now she is the only person who can take care of their family business i.e. Moorthy industries. But because of business rivalry she became a personal slave of their rival so she has to leave her studies and do whatever he says. By the time some incident happened and she join SPACE Academy and here the love story begins when she met her monster aka Manik Malhotra and his friends i.e. Fab5 the famous band of SPACE.

Nandini has signed a contract that she can't marry to someone, can't be a girlfriend of anybody, can't love someone and most important she can't lose her virginity as she is a personal slave but what will happen when she will fall in love with Manik Malhotra. What consequences she will have to face when Manik knows about her? Would he still be able to love her when he will comes to know that she is a personal slave or he will hate her or he will help her to come out of the mess in which she was stuck? 

Readers, let me tell you one thing very clearly that this story is very different from other Manan stories because in this story Nandini is a slave and she has to go through so many tortures in terms of physical and mental both so who can't see Nandini in pain than don't read this story and don't criticize me for that because the whole story is based on that. Other than that you want to criticize me for anything else than you are most welcome. But yehh I will assure you for one thing that love of Manan will remain same rather I should say their love will blossom more in this story.

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