Changing: Hetalia

Changing: Hetalia

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Kielnode By TunaPlatina Updated Jan 29, 2016

Because of the time travel occuring to Vongola Decimo, it affects Italy. Both South and North.

Days passed by, Italy becomes more.. dangerous. His personality slowly become twisted, no longer himself. Unlike Romano, who could maintain himself from falling into insanity, Veneziano couldn't.

Slowly, Italy becomes a country that everyone thought it would be.. A powerful country just like his grandfather, Ancient Rome.

♤Hetalia is not mine♤
♢Plot's mine ♢
♧Picture's 庵仝@イラリク消化中♧

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Only country? If I was sandwichland I would be eating Swiss cheese in Switzy's face everyday
Canada is literally me.
                              I am Canadian.
                              Blood is thicker than water, but maple syrup is thicker than blood. So... pancakes are more important than family, unless your are Canadian. Then your blood IS maple syrup.
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Sep 15
Bro I would just not use it. A handkerchief can't clean off germs that well
AshleyChila AshleyChila Dec 03
This... Please tell me this is not how Germany speaks the entire meeting and story.
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Sep 15
I'm suddenly thinking of that one episode where Italy corrupts Japan
supgal supgal Jul 05, 2016
                              "Can you all work and be silent and go into our topic instead of making a ruckus? Time is wasted for all this nonsense and it is another failure of our meeting!"