Exist [Twilight Fan-fiction] [1] (Editing)

Exist [Twilight Fan-fiction] [1] (Editing)

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Growing up far from the town of Fork's seemed to be a blessing to Jade. Well up until her parent's split, required her to actually move there. Despite Jade returning to her mother's care she can't help but feel the separation driven between them. With a newfound friendship between the the chief's recently returned daughter, and a group of oddly stunning people Jade just can't get out of her head, nor out of her friendship. It seems inevitable that Jade will break.  But what happens when a certain gift makes a reappearance in her life, one that makes her see the Cullen family for who they really are?

(From the story)
"You stupid mortal, you think you're so clever, you think you can stop me but your little Cullen's aren't here to defend you are they. You won't win Jade, I've never lost, and I don't intend to now." He stated, and picked my body up scratching it along the cut glass I felt the blood begin to bleed through my shirt."You want a battle Jade, you want to see real pain, watch this."
I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to Stephenie Meyer the author of the series.  However I do own Jade Peters, and most dialogue created by her, and thoughts the character provides, along with any other characters not related to the original version.
This story is based off both the book, and movie. Sentence, and scenes are used from the original.  I do not own anything related to the original work by Stephenie Meyer they are used for the sole purpose of understanding the close role Jade plays in the family,Jade is an added addition, meant to enhance the story.

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