frozen heartbeats | twilight

frozen heartbeats | twilight

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[ Emmett Cullen x OC ]

cover by @cadetcarswell |

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kiana2001love kiana2001love 6 days ago
I personally think that you should switch this because Bella does more look like her dad then of the OC that you had given you should say that the OC looks like the mom more
dirtymind1913 dirtymind1913 3 days ago
All my friends do that to me I literally almost bit my best friend cause she tried it
Hahaha. I love doing that to my friends cause they're all short and I'm just a giant and it's so funny because we'll be talking to someone and suddenly my arm is dangling off someone's head. That's how short they are. Or how tall I am considering there's 5 of them,1 of me and they're all shorter.
Love how you added the house because it adds more.
                              Me personally have forgotten how the house looked like.
cycfnj cycfnj Apr 12
I HATE when my older brother does that it's like "dude...stop"
Where did blonde come from? Or is it cause Em likes blondes. Rosalie.