clandestine ⇾ jjk.kth

clandestine ⇾ jjk.kth

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sam By midnightae Updated Nov 17

"You're so easy, Jungkookie."

clandestine - kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit. 

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Tae_tops Tae_tops Jun 24
Do you know what else has a nice ring.....
                              The ring on his finger when your getting married...
                              Y'all were thinking dirty thoughts weren't you? Tis cool, I ain't innocent either 😂
Well maybe if u like him, u should put a ring on him ;))))))
Taessmiles Taessmiles Nov 06
eeeehehehehheehhe im a slut for rude tae......sorry.......thats just me
same. only because he's too hot and cute for me to handle and I wanna slap is ass..
ponyeet ponyeet Nov 16
get in the starbucks line that usually takes up the entire weight