Sans x Frisk

Sans x Frisk

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A Fellow Sinner By Ifeelallofthesins Updated Dec 26, 2015

It had been a few months, about three since monsters were freed from the Underground, and were reunited with the human race. Though it took some getting used to, monsters and humans were finally able to get along again, thanks to Frisk, being their ambassador. Once they were all able to get on their feet, Frisk and her friends went their separate ways, but still hang out as often as possible. Frisk, being too young to live on her own, moved in with Papyrus, and his brother, Sans. Frisk couldn't lie, she liked them best, seeing as they were by her side throughout her entire trip. They kept her determined. 

Toriel, now being a teacher, taught a school for monsters and humans, Frisk being one of the kids to attend. Even though she saved monsters, many kids in school disagree with what she did, and she gets bullied quite often, though she never says anything about it.

Frisk made her way home from school, keeping her navy blue hood up over her face, having a few bruises on her cheeks, a b...

TheShipGodessss TheShipGodessss Apr 23, 2017
"A human and a monster?
                              Me: Stay with the DETERMINATION in your souls 😉😉
MistukotheNinja MistukotheNinja Apr 17, 2016
Papyrus - Are you two on a ... DATE? 
                              Every fanfic 
                              But at least they got the character down to the BONE!
DrowningRat DrowningRat Nov 12, 2016
Her knee on his pelvis.... Uhuh, that would definitely have hurt every average man...
Deleted082116 Deleted082116 May 06, 2016
Let out a sigh for another day as same as the last come on lets try and dye it blue and change it up from the past reflecting up from a puddle then its gone in a flash..
                              Okay i sang the lyrics wrong 😂
                              But hey 😌😂
dETerMInEd_fReAk dETerMInEd_fReAk Jul 24, 2016
i don't care if two beings are different as long as they love each other <3
daysoffaith daysoffaith Jun 16, 2016
Human and monster doesn't matter LOVE IS LOVE
                              I'D SHIP IT