Chapter 1 - Returning home.

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It had been a few months, about three since monsters were freed from the Underground, and were reunited with the human race. Though it took some getting used to, monsters and humans were finally able to get along again, thanks to Frisk, being their ambassador. Once they were all able to get on their feet, Frisk and her friends went their separate ways, but still hang out as often as possible. Frisk, being too young to live on her own, moved in with Papyrus, and his brother, Sans. Frisk couldn't lie, she liked them best, seeing as they were by her side throughout her entire trip. They kept her determined.

Toriel, now being a teacher, taught a school for monsters and humans, Frisk being one of the kids to attend. Even though she saved monsters, many kids in school disagree with what she did, and she gets bullied quite often, though she never says anything about it.

Frisk made her way home from school, keeping her navy blue hood up over her face, having a few bruises on her cheeks, a busted lip, and some dirt on her hands. She knew Sans would lose it if he found out, so she just kept her head down, hood up as she entered their house, trying her best to rush to her room.  It wasn't long before the skeleton had transported  himself in front of her, blocking off the door. 

      "What's up, kiddo?" he asked with a frown, which replaced his usual cheesy grin. "Did something happen at school?" he asked with a sigh, going to place his bony fingers on Frisk's chin. The young female gulped, sure that he could feel It. She began nodding slowly, feeling Sans' cold, hard phalanges under her chin.  Frisk reached her hand up, holding Sans' gently, placing it on her cheek. Even if it was weird to admit, she loved the feeling of Sans' hands, though of course she'd never say that out loud. "Just, got in a fight..Well, not a fight, just- b-beat up." she mumbles softly, feeling Sans' hand cup her cheek,his other arm finding itself around her, embracing her in a hug.

   It was obvious that Sans was mad, he had that blue glint in his eye. He cared too much about Frisk to let her be put through another hell. He opened his mouth to say something, but was quickly cut off by Frisk sniffling, followed by the human slamming her face into Sans' rib-cage. "Please, don't hurt anyone because of me.." she pleaded, keeping her face hidden in the skeleton's bony structure. 

  Sans let out a sigh, wrapping his arms around the smaller being, picking her up. He carried Frisk to her room, setting her on the bed. "You uh, want me to lay with ya, kid?" he asked, rubbing his skull, one eye closed. Sans flushed, a bright blue hue appearing on his cheeks when he felt the human crawl into his jacket,allowing herself to cuddle up under his arm. Sans chuckled, closing his eye sockets, holding Frisk close to him as she zipped up the jacket, feeling Frisk start to snore after a short while, Sans following the lead.

When Sans awoke, the blue hue returned to his cheek bones, seeing  Frisk laying on top of him,her knee pressed to his pelvis, the child chomping on one of his ribs like a baby would their thumb. The skeleton grunted, lifting her head up as he allowed the human to chew on his index finger. Moments later, the door was thrown open, and Papyrus stood there, hands on his hips. "Oh my! Are you two on a.. - DATE? -" he gasps, bounding over. "That human, she's trying to eat you, oh my god, SANS!" he cries, rushing out in confusion. 

Sans just chuckled, Frisk staying in a deep sleep. He pulled his hood up, returning to his slumber, the human he loved curled up to his side. There were definitely feelings there, though he, nor Frisk would ever admit to such an unusual thing. A human and a monster? Never. 

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