Billionaire's Maid

Billionaire's Maid

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Lives of two people has crossed path. One who never, ever in his  years of living believed in soul mate. Popular, cars, house screaming money, the City's most talked about bachelor, He was a worshiped god in eyes of many women. 

But ..... not a dater I know right?

But there came a woman who has turned his way of life up side down.... 
Her life was any better. Secretly taking online classes, for a better outcome in life and by day a worker. Not just any kind of worker but a Maid. Nothing special about that eh. 

#5 in Romance [ 09.06.2016 ]

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"Mother passed away so father beats me" clichè. 
                              (CinemaSins reference)
tooba_9 tooba_9 6 hours ago
Many people go through  this cause when one person can't take the pain alone it gives it to other person to make itself feel better. 
                              Idk if it makes sensw
Pastel_bX Pastel_bX Jan 31
Shes like Cinderella with a bitchy step mother except, no siblings and her father is alive..
Debie2006 Debie2006 Jan 21
I have had some reallybendy rulers in school 
                              Im like get new ones but nope the boys kn my ,class well not all my crush dosent hes so hot 😧😰😵 back to the point rjlers can be bendy
VictoriaScarlet34 VictoriaScarlet34 Dec 28, 2017
O.        O.  NBA o. O BBC ox on BBC v BBC v,  Xmas 🎊 ivjovoo.  Bv NZ i CZ CDCP comOL
cmwinter62 cmwinter62 Jan 21
To bad they know she can cook otherwise her family would’ve be ordering her around.