Forced To Marry The Billionaire Manwhore

Forced To Marry The Billionaire Manwhore

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S. Padgett By DangerouslyShady Updated 3 days ago

Getting married is a day most girls daydream about from childhood to adulthood. A day where you wear a gorgeous white gown and walk down the isle to your amazing groom. Girls plan the entire day, from the setting to the cake.

But what do you do when you can have all of that, except the one important thing?


Sage Slade is in that very predicament. After finding out she's actually the daughter of a billionaire by the name of Andrew Emerson, a man who owns a variety of successful franchises. Sage is immediately forced into an engagement with the son of her grandfather's closest friend, Greyson Blackstone.

Greyson's a manwhore and he doesn't hide it, Sage hates it and doesn't hide it. Putting them together is like fire and ice. One moment they could care less about each other then suddenly they're at each other's throats.

Despite that, feelings develop, and inevitable heartbreak comes with it. A roller coaster ride most would say. But one that's too tempting to ride. Maybe there's a happy ending for the two. Then again, maybe there's not.


I love the first chapter good story , can't wait to read the rest of story
i cant imagined her face when she discribe her fiance in her mind..hahahaha
Cookie_218 Cookie_218 Feb 01
Damn he really is a Jerk not to mention a total Manwhore. Now i love tge title even more it suits 😀😀
astronomy at first year college? isn't it applied science first before astronomy? well, it's acceptable if it's a second degree..