Small Packages (Harborview Immortals Extra)

Small Packages (Harborview Immortals Extra)

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Emma Peterson By emmapwrites Completed

Ah, Christmas Eve. For Jacob, it's a time for enjoying the presence of his family and friends, making sure that Dominic doesn't kill his twin brother, and silently hoping that his fourteen-year-old son doesn't get a thousand tattoos when he grows up because apparently that's the plan. But hey, at least there are gifts.

Gift-giving isn't easy when two vampires with a lot of centuries between them have just about everything they could ever possibly need or want. But this year, Jacob has found the perfect gift for Dominic, one that will change both their lives, and he can't wait to give it to him.

This is a Harborview Immortals prequel short story. While it contains references to Family Matters, no prior knowledge of the book is required.

Contains explicit content.

Copyright 2015 Emma Peterson/CLI.

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