the model

the model

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There was something about him that intrigued her. Something that pulled her in closer and closer. But he is everything she doesn't want in a guy. He was different; in a good and bad way.

written: december 29, 2015 - january 3, 2017.

GOING TO EDIT SUMMER OF 2017. Half of the time I wrote this in a rush so there's typos but I swear I know how to spell and how to use the correct there/their/they're. Just bare with the typos bc as said I earlier I write them in a rush and I usually write late at night so yeah. But enjoy!

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If you don't shut the truck off I'm gonna cut your hair in patches
*prepares myself for war* 
                              Disclaimer: However douchebaggy Louis might be shown in a fic, he is still my favorite character
Good. You show him girl. Put him in his place. He can't be an arse
-itsyasi -itsyasi Nov 05
Lmao I’m laughing at how desperate she doesn’t want the boys to see this
Stfu, she's your stylist so if you want your pretty face to look as good as your hair your know what's best... smh
- - Jan 25, 2016
I bet 98.2% of the readers look for the "mature content" in the description to read a book😝😝