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The Road to Craziness (SEVENTEEN: JiHan)

The Road to Craziness (SEVENTEEN: JiHan)

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MissKyojin By MissKyojin Updated Jan 08

Junghan Yoon, a good natured coward and crybaby at most times, has been in an unrequited love with Jisoo Hong, his best friend for as long he could remember. He already decided to keep the feelings he has sealed up inside his heart with no plans of confessing or telling whatsoever since he's sure that he'll only end up humiliated and heartbroken and he didn't want that. He's already happy being by his side but what'll happen if Jisoo starts acting more sweet and loving towards him, fueling Junghan's hope up? Junghan's already head over heels for him, so much that can't even take it. Will he be able to keep his mind in check? Can he continue acting as the best friend he always was or will he end up nuts in the process? 

I think the last one is the most likely to happen. 

Wanna bet? I've been friends with Junghan for awhile now and believe me, he's different from the angel image everyone assumes. My name is Wonwoo by the way. My story's more interesting so wait for it, if ever the author decides to stop bumming around that is.

Yea so It's here hahaha
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BTSisARMY BTSisARMY Sep 17, 2016
Omg omg omg my heartuuuuuu mmmmm love this😍😍😍😍😍
BeverlyQueen-ehe BeverlyQueen-ehe Aug 04, 2016
It's only the first chapter but I'm already dying 
                              What is this fluffery!?
damndanhowell damndanhowell Sep 24, 2016
Any one else watch Sebb and Dion? If you do who else thought of them
Same. Whenever I'm around people I know, I don't think about depressing things, but then when I'm by myself (like now) I overthink myself which leads to a mental breakdown, then I'll just get emotional (yesterday night I cried for about an hour. ;-;)
lame-heck lame-heck Jan 05
only people as cool as mints talk about motorcycles and cars