Levi X Reader | One-Shots & Mini-Series |

Levi X Reader | One-Shots & Mini-Series |

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🦋 ℓu 🦋 By ErrorAtLife Updated Feb 04

This book is comprised of an array of one-shots and short stories between you, the reader, and Levi Ackerman. 

Just a few ground rules;

1) I do not accept requests as it restricts my creative ability thus, making me not put my full potential into the work. 

2) Please refrain from posting irrelevant comments. It is quite annoying and I don't need to elaborate on the point. 

3) Do not pester me to update. There is no updating schedule. I update when I want as my motivation varies. 

You will see how my writing has progressed from the first one shot to the most recent! I will warn you in advance, this is a predominantly ANGST book. 

For now, I hope you enjoy what I've put together. Thank you!

EmpressMeowMeow EmpressMeowMeow Oct 06, 2016
Is it bad that I'm not crying? I feel really sad, but not to the point to where I cry. But this one-shot was amazingly good. I loved it
InvisblyVisible InvisblyVisible May 22, 2016
My stomach hurts, my head aches, and now my heart is hurting too. UGH IT HURTDD
Shiroshi8u Shiroshi8u Nov 15, 2016
Yep. Thats fine. Totally destroy my heart. Im totally not crying. *crawls into dark corner* Where da tissues at.
Rain_Beau Rain_Beau Nov 08, 2016
Is it bad that I kinda wanted to see her die just to see their reactions to finding her already dead and they were too late...?
evitaonline evitaonline Jul 22, 2016
Oh my lord. Amazing. Job. This was really sad but beautiful. I could never match your writing skills, ever. This made my cry a bit, but I stopped to understand the effort you put there to make it beautiful.
SlytherinShadowhuntr SlytherinShadowhuntr Aug 06, 2016
Dammit! Too many parts of my body are hurting rn!! 😓 *crafting like crazy in a corner*