Attack on Titan Oneshots

Attack on Titan Oneshots

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countingzeros By countingzeros Updated Jan 28

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Oneshots. Title says it all.

My drabbles, imagines, scenarios, oneshots - whatever you call them - of the characters of the SnK cast.

Thank you for reading these oneshots. For the ones who've been here since day 1, shout out to you, homies

(Various x Reader)

UPDATES: On hiatus as of 1/27/17


GoldieLocksss GoldieLocksss Apr 22, 2016
Well let's see
                              Annie doesn't give a sh!t
                              Mikasa has her eyes on Eren. literally.
                              Krista and Ymir. Don't have to talk about that one.
                              Sasha belongs to Connie.
                              And then (F/N).
                               Its a Fanfic dude come on you should know this by now.
LadyExo31448 LadyExo31448 Jun 03, 2016
"The" whole garden or "a" whole garden bc if I was the garden he would be inside of me.
                              Not like that.
GoldieLocksss GoldieLocksss Apr 22, 2016
Ur scary Reiner.
                              Can I please kill Reiner now? Please?