Our Bittersweet Love Punk!Dirk X Reader

Our Bittersweet Love Punk!Dirk X Reader

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XXLunar_DragonXX By XXLunar_DragonXX Updated Dec 07, 2016

It's your first day in a new school and so far you've made great friends! And found once the future seems to be alright!

But then you meet someone, a Prince in studs and who practically has ever girl falling for him and his edgy personality , his name? Dirk Strider.

He is the lead singer in his band Dark Hearts, and doesn't quite treat you to well, but could he be hiding emotions for you? Ones he can't seem to control?

Find out!

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YuSunMin YuSunMin May 05, 2017
Im going with melanie and Panic! at The Disco There both my favorites <3
I DINE IN WITH HELL IN TWO PEOPLE YOU NEVER HEARD OF!!! (I don't remember the lyrics ;-;))
bugs_bunny3 bugs_bunny3 May 14, 2017
Whem you relise your to much of a nerd but love it. The second I saw that I was instantly like "SHERLOCK!" Though whispering because it's 3:12!?
Schmaltzii Schmaltzii Apr 09, 2016
I dont watch Sherlock but i get the reference  (my friend watches it)
DiscoSweater DiscoSweater May 14, 2016
Oh hun if that was me I would've continued: I will kick you in the crotch so hard that your balls will literally pop, and your dick would grow wings and fly out the window
TravisIsMySenpai TravisIsMySenpai Jun 24, 2016
I take 5 mins and then 3 more to do everything else and 5 more mins to eat breakfast depending on the breakfast