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WattyWarriors Roleplay

WattyWarriors Roleplay

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The Watty Warriors By WattyWarriors Updated Jan 22

✯ C L O S E D ✯

Well, we're running the RolePlay again! We hope you join and enjoy it.

SageLovesSleep SageLovesSleep Oct 29, 2016
Actually, in Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluekit and Snowkit were aloud outside the den a day after they were kitted. Same with Patchkit and Leapardkit.
VyraGaming VyraGaming Dec 02, 2016
May I join
                              Name: MoonHeart
                              Gender: she-cat
                              Rank: warrior 
                              Black pelt with white muzzle white sock markings white under belly white tip on tail with weird like webbed paws lovable but tough to please hates being called moony or moon moon has a huge fluffy tail and is a huge strong cat.
flamehearted- flamehearted- Jul 26, 2016
@MapleFall4758 Do you think Timberfall of ThornClan could mentor Hollypaw?
StarFlame13 StarFlame13 Aug 08, 2016
Did you listen to Lincs FM and hear the Linconshire Wildlife Zoo formally The Parrot Zoo advert by any chance?
JeffreyUntiedt JeffreyUntiedt Nov 05, 2016
May I join?Description of character
                              Brown she-cat with what muzzle and paws,with reddish pink eyes
acetheoneandonly acetheoneandonly Aug 23, 2016
Hey, I'm wondering if Leafshadow of Thornclan, my character, could have a forbidden relationship with a Shadeclan cat? @WattyWarriors