The Maze Runner Smut

The Maze Runner Smut

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jen🌴 By panicatthemaze Updated Mar 29, 2016

Short imagines based on the characters in the novel/movie The Maze Runner


You're thirsty,
I'm thirsty,
here ya go

"This story has no chill" ~ basically every comment

All characters are owned by James Dashner

CaticornZ CaticornZ Jun 30
Roses are red thorns are prickly don't know how t goes but dam that escalated quickly
Dude srsly. Yelling when ur doing it, but there is tons of other dudes trying to sleep. I bet someone heard u
that awkward moment when you have read *that* much smutty fanfic that you dont even bat an eyelid anymore is this a bad thing??
RandomFanfictionTime RandomFanfictionTime Jun 30, 2016
Ok, but we are outside. What if someone woke up in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep, and decided to take a walk. I feel sorry for the poor soul that does
exolovemerightpcy exolovemerightpcy Mar 07, 2016
*Minho walks in* 
                              "AW SHÏT GET A PROPER ROOM!!! YOU NASTIES!!" 
                              *I turn around*
                              "Yeah Flaminho... The weathers cool right?"
                              Thomas-- "MINHO LEAVE"
Yep. Bang outside in front of fifty other dudes. #couplegoals