His sick game.~ Lucas Friar.

His sick game.~ Lucas Friar.

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Lucaya Babe By Lizibgrande Updated Apr 11, 2016

Lucas Friar.
Lucas Friar the soul who has no heart, the 17 year old who plays a game on whoever comes his way, he doesn't care about anyone or anything, everyone is afraid of him, can't look him in the eye.

Maya Hart.
Maya Hart the rough  17 year old beauty on the outside the gentle beauty in the inside, she cares for little, but when she cares about something she cares, she stays in her lane and gets into some trouble.

Riley Matthews.
Riley Matthews the quirky brave 17 year old who would do anything for her best friend.

Farkle Minkus.
Farkle Minkus the 17 year old who's in the wrong crowd, his intelligence always gets the best of him.

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alliegraceeeeeee alliegraceeeeeee Apr 27, 2016
I'm so happy that there is not a Rucas part in this story that is going to be huge because I actually came here to read about Lucaya.
lucaya_gmw13 lucaya_gmw13 Sep 10, 2016
hands in my sweater let's have an adventure head in the clouds but my gravitys centered touch my neck and I'll touch yours u In those little high wasted shorts
pizzahutismynephew pizzahutismynephew Apr 03, 2016
Aw poop. I was hoping for a Rucas story.
                              Will there be a Riarkle part in this? That's my second ship.