Percy Jackson son of Artemis

Percy Jackson son of Artemis

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Sassy Blue By percy_kid_levi_2002 Updated Jan 28

I immediately attacked Clarisse, but she blocked my blow and it gave a scratch on her arm.

She tried giving strong hits on my ribs but I easily deflected it.

'How about I try the disarming tecnique'.... Apollo taught me a few weeks ago and it kinda works every time I use it.

In 3, 2, 1. In a few seconds I already have my sword on his neck and her spear on the other.
Well,that's fine with me and it will definately suck for her.

"You lose." I gritted.

She didn't answer but her eyes went large. Everybody has the same expression on their faces especially Chiron.

What the Hades is happening?

"Uugghh," I removed my blade on Clarisse's neck, "Is their something wrong?"

"Perr-perccyy.." Annabeth stuttered pointing at my head. I looked above my head, and I saw a sign.....

A trident and a bow was floating above my head.

"This cannot be happening.." Chiron gasped

 "Hail Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon and........"

He faltered ".........Artemis"

Oh shoot, I've been claimed.

Smellier than a pig rolled in horse poop, and a giant puddle of flys' blood.