The Lone Guardian (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

The Lone Guardian (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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For once in Percy Jackson's life everything is peaceful, but when tragedy strikes, he is left alone. His closest friends and family all died in a seemingly random monster attack and his mom and Paul died in an accident. Consumed with grief, he goes to the gods wishing for death. Instead, they offer him a new purpose in life as Guardian of the Hunt. Percy accepts the opportunity to create a new family and regains some of the happiness he lost. But what if the monster attack that killed his friends, and Annabeth, wasn't random? Suddenly, Percy is caught in another war and is forced to face another enemy. Now, not only will he have to be the Guardian of the Hunt, but the Guardian of his home and, hopefully, find peace, once and for all.

*Disclaimer for whole story: I own nothing but the plot and a few minor characters. Everything else belongs to Rick Riordan.*

*Entire story will be Percy's POV unless I say otherwise.*




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As depressed as he is, that joke still hasn't stopped being hilarious.
Goghobbs Goghobbs 4 days ago
it would be hilarious and a unique fanfic if they actually killed him
I'm upset they died but finally thus is not an annabeth cheats on percy
aztec2006 aztec2006 Apr 19
You the profile picture of  Annabeth? At the end of the chapter I saw the picture and couldn't stop laughing cause Annabeth  probably would've been like seriously seaweed brain
Blackjack is da best. You think you can save a donut or two. I would love that
nobody0405 nobody0405 Jan 01
                              SUPER PERFECT QUEEN REYNA!!!!!