Baby Boy ♥ Phan

Baby Boy ♥ Phan

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Babydoll By DominantDan Updated Jun 30, 2016

Phil Lester is a pretty boy that loves to wear thigh highs. He wants to go to college to escape his broken home. But the Lester household is poor and is living in a home that is threatening to fall at any second.

When phil decides to apply for a sugar daddy he meets Dan Howell. A dominant man that when he gets his hands on something its always his.

·Cover by: Catandbear09·

SamNagasawa SamNagasawa Sep 06, 2016
PJ! That right there. What you just did. That was a no-no. A. NO. NO.
C'mon guys it's just ONE time and then we canz have da Danyul and Philadelphia but smecks :3
xbeliefaithphan xbeliefaithphan Oct 21, 2016
BISH IMMA CUT YO DICK OPEN, i mreadin this at a sleepover btw at 3 AM and my friend next to me sneakily read it and laughes so hard it woke the others up
hi_phandom hi_phandom Sep 25, 2016
Pj I think I'm gonna have to dilly darn snap your neck if you don't stop
xoxo_phandom xoxo_phandom Oct 24, 2016
Pj. I'm sorry but you belong with Chris. Dan belongs with Phil. So get your damn hands off of him
lafayette_is_Daddy lafayette_is_Daddy Jul 13, 2016
I would love a sugar daddy but I'm don't wanna give them any sugar