The Cursed Insignia

The Cursed Insignia

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ga_garcia By ga_garcia Updated Jul 11, 2012

In the capital city of Rolanda,  you will find a girl named Lenushka, with extraordinary parents. Unfortunately, she bears the cursed insignia, a curse placed by a powerful wizard in the daughters of the people responsible for the war that had killed the king of Yuri.

Wanting to evade the curse of their daughter, Nushka's parents decide to flee from the city with their most beloved daughter. Along the way, a priestess, Nushka's childhood best friend, offers aid. At the most inappropriate time, Nushka crushes on a strange man from another city, named Jonah. 

Will they successfully evade Nushka's captors? Or are they only  delaying the inevitable?

* * *

The Cursed Insignia is a tale of love, hope, betrayal, and deception... In a world of an endless myriad of possibilities.

  • alchemist
  • claudius
  • cursed
  • elf
  • family
  • garuda
  • griffin
  • hope
  • insignia
  • love
  • magician
  • mermaid
  • priestess
  • roc
  • unicorn
  • wizard
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@12Anne16 I'll still be here for next few decades! No worries! :D
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@TheOrangutan Hey Gav, as always, I really do appreciate an extra pair of eyes. For some reason, I can't spot those blips myself? I'm glad too that you took the time to read this. Finally back now. I felt the joy of writing again yesterday. Can't get enough of it, it seems. I'm good so far! :)
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@xxcrimsonxshellxx Not really updated, I just shifted some parts, and rewrote most of the chapters. I miss you and Anne very much too! :D