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Skinny Dipping with a Mermaid {Sirius Black}

Skinny Dipping with a Mermaid {Sirius Black}

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Kitty Bell By kmbell92 Completed

With the exception of Mirabella Plunkett in the 1800s, the idea of a merpeople and wizarding folk being together was unheard of and considered taboo.  Up until the age of ten, Nixie Dover believes that she is just a regular witch living with her father, that is until she meets her mother, Meri, a mermaid who dwells in the sea. Attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Nixie's only hope is to focus on her studies and blend in.
  However, her years at Hogwarts are far from quiet when she meets a boy that trouble follows like a shadow.
  Companion books :
  Tightly Knit {Fred Weasley}
  Imagine Dragons {Charlie Weasley}

I'm rereading this for like the thousandth time and it's gonna be hella weird seeing all my stupid comments
lowkey just read the whole tightly knit series last night and I haven't slept a wink lol what is my life
I'm just over here rereading this because the last chapter of Rough Waters made me want to cry.
'Skin as smooth and glossy as a perl' 
                              NOT FOR ME, SHARE SOME YOU EVIL MOTHER
Wait how would a mermaid have a child? Would it just pop out of the tail? Lol
Maybe her dad got pregnant instead of her mother because her dad wanted to show her that he was a good man who would do anything for his lady?