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Forbidden (Barty Crouch Jr) by Silver-Serpent
Forbidden (Barty Crouch Jr)by Kahla Lane
Laylah firsts meets Barty Crouch Junior at Hogwarts, when he is disguised as Professor Moody. They shared a bond instantly. It was before long Laylah began to have feeli...
Playing with Fire by Fiction_Fairy
Playing with Fireby Fiction_Fairy
During the summer between her sixth and seventh year, Hermione is abducted by the Death Eaters. She ends up in Malfoy Manor, but soon her life will even be in more dange...
Together, Or Not At All: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom by MidnightNinja27
Together, Or Not At All: a Harry The Narrator
AU: Tom and Harry are in Wool's Orphanage at the same time. History may hate us, but they'll never forget our names. How wonderful; how strange. To be loved by something...
Harry - zmiana na lepsze by AnnSap200
Harry - zmiana na lepszeby Ann S
Akcja podczas czwartego roku. Harry knuje plany dołączenia do Voldemorta, co mu się udaje. Opuszczony przez znajomych Gryfonów zaprzyjaźnia się z mieszkańcami domu Salaz...
Red and green || jegulus by iLoveKiwi09
Red and green || jegulusby AnythingForMoony
Regulus and his friends is starting there fifth year, and James and his friends is starting there sixth year. One day James and Regulus worlds fall into each other's wo...
Gods Give Another Chance by KatWolf00
Gods Give Another Chanceby KatWolf
Harry Potter dies alone and is given a chance to change things, for a price. Español translation by Xx_Marshlet
The Forgotten Potter by Artemis_Halo
The Forgotten Potterby Ivy Ferns
Just a story of a particular forgotten person. 4th in #bartycrouchjr 844th in #deatheaters
DE chat room by slyther-bi
DE chat roomby Ash Lynx
The death eaters have a group chat and it's complete chaos. Voldemort bitches like his life depends on it, Everyone is afraid of Severus, Lucius is simply exhausted, The...
Lost in memories || Harry Potter || R.A.B by ToTiredForShit
Lost in memories || Harry Potter | 1-800-I’m-to-tired
Diana Potter, though two years younger, had the best bond with her brother James. They where best friends. And I'm saying 'where' because the oldest of the two died at o...
Marauders Instagram by TheMaraudersBxtch
Marauders Instagramby Ev🎸🦝
What would happen if the Marauders had Instagram? Btw, the marauders and Slytherin skittles are on good terms. Everyone hates snivellous SHIPS: Wolfstar Jegulus Dorlene...
• flares • Barty Crouch Jr • by Jazz_lew
• flares • Barty Crouch Jr •by Jazz lew
When Bellatrix lestrange breaks out of azkaban she reunites with her only child, Mystique. With the war approaching bellatrix plans to tighten her ties within the pure b...
Harry Potter [Truth or Dare] by Errorincreation
Harry Potter [Truth or Dare]by 🦋
Started: 3/19/22 Finished: 3/23/22 Harry and friends try and trap the Inner Circle but all of them get trapped in the process. Secrets being spilled, Order of Fried Chi...
pringles || a jegulus texting story by reggiesadvocate
pringles || a jegulus texting storyby 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗋 𓅿
i'm gonna try to write a proper description. don't take this seriously at all really i wrote this for a laugh that's all (i was also 14 so i don't recommend this its kin...
Be My Baby ~Multi~ by whoreforslipknot15
Be My Baby ~Multi~by Fayth
The war was lost. Everyone was dead. Something needs to be done. And only one person can fix it. Golden girl, Hermione Granger. Leslie Gordan arrives in 1978, and quickl...
BLOOD MAGIC | G. WEASLEY by marysmissinghead
Secrets can only stay buried for so long, and the Crouch family have a plethora of them... Sorry for odd formatting, fixing that soon!
Killian Riddle by Argent-Wolf
Killian Riddleby .
The Dark Lords son is kidnapped and returned and grows up to be the Slytherin Prince but no longer. An unplanned event that occurs means that Killian has to stay at home...
Pretty Boy {Jegulus} by Qu33nOfClouds
Pretty Boy {Jegulus}by 🗑
this was originally posted on AO3 (by me) but i thought maybe wattpad would like it as well!! "Hey! Watch where you're going, Black" James laughed. He rubbed...
LGBTQ+ Marauders One-Shots by aubreydenise08
LGBTQ+ Marauders One-Shotsby adh
Okay to be 100% honest this is probably going to end up as mainly jegulus.... This is a kinda do it whenever I want to and have motivation kinda thing so there is pretty...
His name is Regulus by MoonageDaydream33
His name is Regulusby MoonageDaydream33
This is about regulus being trans, because it's my favorite headcannon. Disclaimer - I don't own any of the characters or settings, sadly JK Rowling does
A Father A New Life Start Book 2 by Sebastain500
A Father A New Life Start Book 2by 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
Second book of A Father A New Life Start, this will cover 4th year, I'm so happy that you all loved this first one I'm hoping you will like this one. Surprise at the end...