Beta Mate

Beta Mate

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Rojesta By ipad_connor Completed

We all know the story of the abused girl who turned out to be the alpha's mate. The Luna. The one everyone respects. The targeted one. The one who has problems with their relationship but at the end it's all alright. The one the rogues take to bring the whole pack down.

But this story isn't about her. Sure she plays an important role in it, being the bestfriend. 

This story is about me. I am the Luna's bestfriend. I was with her when no one was. I knew her before she took up the role of leadership. I was there when she mourned over the deaths. 

I am Alvina Peter Summers. The beta mate and this is my story.

Cover made by Unflourished.

Highest rank: #1 in Werewolf

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Arianny77 Arianny77 Oct 29
i’ve been trying to find beta werewolf story forever each one i find is always alpha i’m getting tired of reading the same old rejected luna, or big bad alpha 🙄
Firstly I agree what you have said in copyright page and secondly thank you for writing a book about betas! I really have been looking for a book like this for ages.💜
Really good start. I kinda agree with the rogue tho. The Luna had a duty to her pack. Instead of being there for them she took her life. That's kind of weak.
Oooooh this I'd good so far. Finally a main character who is a badass
anna-mo anna-mo Jun 21, 2016
I'm a bit confused. Is this before the storyline itself, like a "five years ago" type thing or???
WildAries WildAries Dec 09, 2016
Wow! A she-wolf taking down an Alpha!!! Totally unexpected! I hope this book is full of such unexpected twists👌