Ice -- Wolv book II

Ice -- Wolv book II

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Survival. It's become second nature to Humfrey Michaels, after being violently turned into a wolv. But now, on the run in desperate search of shelter from the impending winter, survival becomes much more than just a word. Fighting off the bitter cold and fleeing all signs of civilization, he and his three friends must find territory to call their own before the snow flies.
But when shelter is finally near, when rest is just a moment away, they quickly discover that they are not the only ones in the north who are trying to etch out a living. 

This is the sequel to "Wolv."
Here's a link to book one:

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- - Oct 25, 2015
Great chapter i'm drawn to your writing....I can picture the landscape...the environment love love it....
- - Oct 25, 2015
My dad use to have one up north way past Thunder Bay, I smile at those summer time bush trips.....just a side note sorry
                              I feel like you might have some native in you the way I do...just a thought?????