Five Nights At Freddy's Boyfriend Scenarios! (ON HOLD)

Five Nights At Freddy's Boyfriend Scenarios! (ON HOLD)

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Scarlet Hilton Scream By SkaraScream Updated Dec 05, 2015

Hello & welcome!

I will be telling you what the animatronics' personalities are.

Freddy is the gentleman one. He is usually calm & responsible & acts like a dad to the other animatronics. He is a great leader & he can be pretty romantic. He knows how to impress a lady & he gives the best advice about stuffs. He is long tempered but never ever piss him off or else, you'll be inside a suit.

Bonnie is the kind of guy who is shy at first but he'll be loud & flirty. He has the I-don't-care kind of attitude & he is also protective. His talent is playing the guitar & he can be pretty sarcastic. He is sweet & caring to his friends but he always gets into a fight with Foxy for some reasons. Some say that he has multi personalities & he really doesn't care. Obviously.

Chico is a cheerful & loud type of guy. He likes to eat, party & hang out with his friends. He's really great at cooking & his favorite thing to cook is pizza. People never dare to mess with him since the cute & energetic Chico...

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