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Pen Your Pride
My best friends brother

My best friends brother

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Peace502 By Peace502 Updated Apr 05, 2017

"Andy? Hello you there?" I whispered a bit louder. Maybe something happened and he's in shock? Was Amber alright? Did something happen? 
" everything alri-" before I knew it Andy had pinned me up against the wall. His hands on my wrists, above my head. Crap he was strong. 
"Andy what the hell?" I whispered loudly. Still didn't want to wake anyone up. 
"Andy! Ugh you idiot!!! Stop!" I tried to struggle out of his grasp but it was no use, he made me feel weak, I could hardly move. 
"Andy if this is a joke, cut it ou-" His lips smashed into mine. 


Rosalina is only 17 and her Junior year at Randies High School had just ended. It's now summer and she needs it. Along side of her is her best friend Amber, that she has been inseparable since 5th grade. They thought this summer was going to be the best, until one sleepover changed it all. 
This story tells the tale of a young child with an older man, who happens to be her best friends brother. This wouldn't be so bad, however the man is 21.
What will happen to their relationship while Roe is under aged? What will happen between her and amber? And what happens when something new falls into place?

Laura-vlt Laura-vlt Jan 11, 2017
OMG xd Holland is the name of my President (France) xddd It's bizarre to see his name here like i can't help but put his face on a woman body. Weird.. x"))
ItsLundi ItsLundi May 23, 2016
Sleep walking huh? Or just a wet dream that was going to turn real... lemme keep reading.
powersjo powersjo Sep 23, 2016
okay look i like your book alot and i want you to add more to it you need to write more
bored_and_afraid bored_and_afraid Aug 04, 2016
If he can do all that while asleep he must be very "talented" while awake.😉😉
Savagebulldog2021 Savagebulldog2021 Feb 17, 2017
Hey guys! I have a new book and its my first but its pretty good so far. Its called "Love Triangle ∆∆" go check it out!
KatelynDontPlay KatelynDontPlay Sep 25, 2016
Lol I'm so weak, how can you have sex sleepwalking? He must really want to bang her!!!