Everything Is Ephemeral - phan

Everything Is Ephemeral - phan

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Dan Howell secretly loves Phil Lester.
Phil Lester secretly loves Dan Howell.

Dan Howell is bullied.
Phil Lester is best friends with Dan's bully.

Dan Howell wants to die.
Phil Lester is too afraid to stop him.

TheWindowSill TheWindowSill 5 days ago
Everyone is saying same and that makes my shriveled heart turn to dust
FaithMaio FaithMaio Aug 17
I can here expecting same comments..
                              *Sighs* that's exactly what I saw.
3mma1i113y 3mma1i113y Aug 31
@Fandoms_Unite_147 they aren't real phandom members if they don't like Phil as well.
People I know say that they're messed up. Then I say you don't even know how messed up I am, except Im Not kidding.