Everything Is Ephemeral - phan

Everything Is Ephemeral - phan

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Dan Howell secretly loves Phil Lester.
Phil Lester secretly loves Dan Howell.

Dan Howell is bullied.
Phil Lester is best friends with Dan's bully.

Dan Howell wants to die.
Phil Lester is too afraid to stop him.

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ceiling_phan ceiling_phan Dec 22, 2017
half of these comments are 'who is lucas??' and the other half is 'SAME i h8 myself too'
ItzMelissaX ItzMelissaX Sep 01, 2017
@jinteYTfreak88  Lees t, misschien beter van niet maar goed, tis een mooi verhaal, geen happy ending
AwkwardlyIna AwkwardlyIna Nov 18, 2017
I bet I'm gonna fall in love with this book and be depressed that it's short
KKGold05 KKGold05 Nov 04, 2017
I usually can't focus with the TV on, but I got sooo sucked in, that I didn't even notice the TV being turned on... AMAZING STORY
Arwen_Summer Arwen_Summer Jun 14, 2017
Phil I s2g if Dan dies I will freaking....
                              Kick u between the legs because I'm too weak for anything else
IRelateTooMuch IRelateTooMuch Jun 04, 2017
Brb I need to get my craft kit...I'm gonna need a lot a glitter