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Meeting Ben Drowned's Sister

Meeting Ben Drowned's Sister

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Ashlen By Moody7272 Updated Jul 10, 2016

*Ashlen's POV*
Today I'm 12, but I'm sad... Why?? Because This was the age and day my brother die on my birthday.
*********7 years ago************
"Brother let's go please!!" I said as we walk to the lake.
"Fine! You win!!" Ben said, "It's strange that are family never invites use to go anywhere" Ben mumbles to himself. 
*******few minutes later********
As we arrived at the pond ( oh I forgot to tell u that they have swimming suits on) I saw my father, uncle, and our two cousins (they're important in this chapter). I looked around us and there was a greenish lake, my father's van, beer bottles/broken ones, and the tall trees that is surrounding us. "Ashlen, Drake, and James!!!"  Ben and my father says. I thought why didn't my father call Ben? As I walked to father. "I'll give you guys some beer if you kill Ben," father says. I was shocked if what he said. My cousins agreed but I didn't. I started to run to Ben, but it was too late. They started to drown him. "No!!" I yelled and started...

If  I was ben's sister (quickly forgot the name)  i would rather drown my father  and say ( good luck drowning) that's his wonder........
                              Well BEN's Father,Drake,and James are on MY TO GUT LIST!!!!
                              So........=) I'm gonna gut them like a fish..... ( get da reference?)
Lol thats what I think of it too
                              Except I see school as jail/ hellhole
lemonjucicey lemonjucicey Oct 22, 2016
Ben: fuq u  guys me: bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't die on meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TordleXD TordleXD Jan 13
Lets Okay it's one of "THOSE" stories :D
GoldieAndLimaBean GoldieAndLimaBean Dec 02, 2016
Ben: Sis Help! Ashlyn: Nooo, I don't wanna diieeee. I'll miss youuuuu! Ben: ;-;