Diabolik Lovers: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Diabolik Lovers: Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Isadora Sakamaki By FanficForYouAndMe Updated Mar 21, 2016

I have only ever found one of these so I thought that I would do my own.

Six sadistic, hot, sexy vampires, Yui and you all entail in a game of seven minutes in heaven. Who will you end up with? How will the story go on? What is to happen between you two in that cupboard?

I plan to do both male and female PoV for this with fluff and lemon chapters. All female first, then male. If you yourself want to be the main character with one of the vampires then pm for further details as two people have already asked to be a part of this. Anyways enjoy my lovely readers.

I do not own Diabolik Lovers.

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