You will know fear....Fairy Tail

You will know fear....Fairy Tail

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Lexi By lucyfl Completed

Lucy pov:
I walk to the Guild readying myself for what is to come when I open the doors....

Lucy: Hey Natsu! Do you-
Natsu: stop! I'm kicking you out of Team Natsu!
Lucy: why?!
Natsu: because your weak! And useless! And you always complain about your rent! And Lisanna will be taking your place!

End of Flashback

Lucy Pov:
When I walk into the guild I feel something wet on the side of my was blood, from a glass bottle being thrown at me...I try to forget it but the person in front of me was laughing...

Nobody's pov:
Natsu: aww look at poor little Lucy! As weak and pathetic as usuall! And I can prove it! FIRE DRAGON DUAL MODE! LIGHTNING FIRE DRAGON ROAR!!!
Lucy screams in pain as she is thrown to the wall
Master: STOP! Lucy, I have made a decision! Lucy, you are kicked out of the wizard Guild Fairy Tail!

Lucy pov: 
All I heard was cheers and laughing... I was hurt....all that came out of my mouth was "f-fine...I'll leave... I'LL  PROVE TO YOU ALL THAT I AM STRON...

neltarine neltarine Jul 19, 2016
I've come to the point where I'm asking the air wtf is happening.
Golden_Cupcakes Golden_Cupcakes May 27, 2016
Master is you an idiot do you need to go to a mental hospital?
KassieSama KassieSama Nov 03, 2016
I don't need this sh*tty guild then
                              Btw that went a but too fast
lemion_head001 lemion_head001 Nov 23, 2016
                              *sets fairy tale guild on fire*
                              ... happy early birthday Lucy
                              *smiles sweetly*
Kawaii_Koffee Kawaii_Koffee Jun 22, 2016
I threw my freakin phone at my wall and now it's cracked! FÚCKING CRACKED! OMFG IMA SLAP A MOTHER FÙCKIN BĪTCH!
Ariarah_Cally01 Ariarah_Cally01 Jun 06, 2016
Is this really a fairy tail guild? I thought fairy tail take care of their comarades whatever makarov