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You will know fear....Fairy Tail

You will know fear....Fairy Tail

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Lexi By lucyfl Completed

Lucy pov:
I walk to the Guild readying myself for what is to come when I open the doors....

Lucy: Hey Natsu! Do you-
Natsu: stop! I'm kicking you out of Team Natsu!
Lucy: why?!
Natsu: because your weak! And useless! And you always complain about your rent! And Lisanna will be taking your place!

End of Flashback

Lucy Pov:
When I walk into the guild I feel something wet on the side of my was blood, from a glass bottle being thrown at me...I try to forget it but the person in front of me was laughing...

Nobody's pov:
Natsu: aww look at poor little Lucy! As weak and pathetic as usuall! And I can prove it! FIRE DRAGON DUAL MODE! LIGHTNING FIRE DRAGON ROAR!!!
Lucy screams in pain as she is thrown to the wall
Master: STOP! Lucy, I have made a decision! Lucy, you are kicked out of the wizard Guild Fairy Tail!

Lucy pov: 
All I heard was cheers and laughing... I was hurt....all that came out of my mouth was "f-fine...I'll leave... I'LL  PROVE TO YOU ALL THAT I AM STRON...

fanfic Fairy Tail is possessed by demons for all I know these days
Why did you invite her if you were just going to kick er out?
neltarine neltarine Jul 19, 2016
I've come to the point where I'm asking the air wtf is happening.
KassieSama KassieSama Nov 03, 2016
I don't need this sh*tty guild then
                              Btw that went a but too fast
lemion_head001 lemion_head001 Nov 23, 2016
                              *sets fairy tale guild on fire*
                              ... happy early birthday Lucy
                              *smiles sweetly*
OH HELL NAW!!!! UR ALL ON MY KILL LIST!!!! Anyone wanna help? *smiles sadistically*