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The Mass Murderer Who Loved Me

The Mass Murderer Who Loved Me

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dark_angel1011 By dark_angel1011 Completed

"Please don't do this." I begged, as tears streamed down my face, making my mascara run. My eyes traveled from his face, that handsome boyish face, down to the floor. Down to the dead bodies. "Oh God," I choked, my life flashing before my eyes, as I felt his fingers slip from my shoulders down to the knife. He put it to my throat gently, so that he didn't cut it. Yet. "I'm sorry." He muttered. "Please...." I begged. "Please." His lips pressed against mine, and I shuddered against him. Dear God, Please don't let this happen.

This is the story of how I met him. The story of how he stole my heart, just as carelessly as he stole peoples lives away from them. Maybe. Maybe not. When I think about it, I still smile. Even though I know the sad and terrible ending, I can't help but smile. He was my best friend. He was so loving. So caring. He taught me everything. But, he also destroyed everything. He was just like that. He was just the mass murder that loved me, and that's how I'll always remember him. I dare say, that's how I'll always cherish him.

mychel_ mychel_ Sep 12, 2016
I wonder if this whole thing gets dark and they both become murderers.
PsychoticKate PsychoticKate Oct 10, 2016
Aw.. It was a joke. At least I'm not the only one joking about stuff like that :D
dark_angel1011 dark_angel1011 May 10, 2014
@HeatherCain  u knw if it is happy ending or not after conplete reading.. :)
NikolaiSinclair NikolaiSinclair May 07, 2014
Whilst I adore the idea of a loving mass murderer, I loath the idea of them being separated which makes me quite reluctant to read this which begs the question, do they have a happy ending?
LeighFrankie LeighFrankie Apr 26, 2013
Jo; You're sick!
                              Brian: We all are. That's why we are here.
                              haha. Way to go, Brian. Made me laugh. :D