Consumed [Zombie Apocalypse] (Boyxboy)

Consumed [Zombie Apocalypse] (Boyxboy)

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Vast_Emptiness By Vast_Emptiness Completed

Creston Germanotta is a typical 17 year old high school student. There is nothing too special about him. He has normal friends and, besides the fact that he is gay, has a pretty normal life. 
Until it starts. 
The outbreak slowly starts to gain momentum and claims the lives of hundreds to thousands to millions of people, turning them into flesh eating monsters. 
Creston, along with his group of friends, must find a way to survive in this apocalyptic world before they, themselves become consumed.

#26 in Horror 6/26/16

I'd just like to mention that this is my first story so I apologize in advance for my many mistakes. If you do notice a mistake or you don't like something please feel free to tell me.  

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llamaly_anomaly llamaly_anomaly Apr 03, 2017
Ewwwww, pre-made cereal? Sounds like a soggy catastrophe to me!
counterout counterout Jan 10
Too many character introductions at the same time hoping they are not important as I wont remember any
IzzyDerpish IzzyDerpish Jun 04, 2017
Wow, Creston seems like a person I would like to meet. Maybe even survive the apocalypse with..
IzzyDerpish IzzyDerpish Jun 04, 2017
Hmm gay huh? For some odd reason I uhm maybe am into gay boys... I don't know why though ._.
Alymirra Alymirra Mar 19, 2017
Which came first? The order of milk and cereal is VERY important.
justsumtrasH justsumtrasH Jun 28, 2017
Ooh snap I read another gay zombie apocalypse book and there was a girl named Sarah in it too... (it's called Virus by zombieobsessed123 and I loved it) rip Sarah