Lust | kaisoo

Lust | kaisoo

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MingHao ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶ By XiuchenTrash Updated May 25


  "kyungsoo wasn't answering my calls. or my texts. or my video messages.

"where are you"

"i miss you"

"i love you"

i grew antsy and uncomfortable.

"Hey, you know where Kyungsoo is?" I called Baekhyun. He took a few seconds to answer my question.

"I think he's at the movies with that guy from chem class. Jackson Wang?"

my heart sank to my stomach." (chapter 10)
Kyungsoo; an awkward, quiet, pale, closeted teen boy.

Jongin; a rebellious, flirty, tan, teen boy.

Kyungsoo had always liked girls.. but he's never been attracted to one.
Kyungsoo likes a boy. 
A boy named Jongin.


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Everyone saying how gross it is while I'm here laughing 😂 it must've looked hilarious 😂
I was sitting in history and all of a sudden I couldn't get chanbaek smut out of my head
                              I was so distracted but I had to try and look like I was paying attention when, really, a porno was playing in my head
Is it just 'one direction'
                              I think I just killed ppl
Curtyana Curtyana Mar 11
No nothing, eh? Teacher used a double negative. Which means use EVERYTHING! HA! This test is an easy A.😂
First IGOT7s wanting to be chickens. Now EXO-Ls wanting to be pencils. What next?
goneforeverbtches goneforeverbtches Nov 11, 2016
someone insert lead and wood into me rn.
                              i need to be a pencil