Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxBoy]

Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxBoy]

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hamzziwifeu By Sungwriter Completed

A Kaisoo Love Story. Come and see. Warning, smut scenes.


Kai and D.O got married and then D.O who is so anti to touches and sweet things, met someone from his past.

hadija99 hadija99 Aug 30
Boi ur saying that now but wait until tonight u ll be all over him.. LITERALLY
_bamham_ _bamham_ Oct 19
                              Me is making up butt names for each of the members
Are you a Sharpie cause your extra fine 😂😂😂 im sorry ill leave now
angeliica14 angeliica14 Nov 22
Sounds like Luhan and Kyungsoo how can you top somebody that is like 18'3 (I'm jk nobody is that tall )
0Maknae0 0Maknae0 Aug 15
I had started to read this before I had a wattpad because I was using Google and then I got wattpad and I'm glad I just found this story again.
Wait so... are we just going to ignore the fact that Kyungsoo said Lol out loud